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Tips from the PT of the DuPage County Hounds

ARC Physical Therapy offers seven locations in the Chicago market.

The DuPage County Hounds are featuring a new segment that will be featured on the team's website as well as email blasts called "Tips from the PT."  The DuPage County Hounds physical therapist is ARC Physical Therapy.  They have seven locations including Lisle/Naperville, Woodridge, Elmhurst, and Westmont.  Feel free to visit their website by clicking here.

As we have passed groundhog's day and pitchers and catchers will soon be  reporting for spring training, many of us are ready to return our favorite outdoor activities.  Here are a few tips to help return to those activities while reducing your chance for injuries:

1) PACE YOURSELF: Whether you are a runner and you have not run since the fall or a Golfer and have not picked up a golf club for months, ease back into your activity slowly. For example, go hit a bucket of balls before hitting the links or start with a shorter jog and gradually increase your pace and distance over several weeks. Often in our eagerness to start back into our summer activities, we assume that we can pick up were we left off which can lead to overstraining and eventual injury.

2) STRETCH!: Hopefully you are maintaining flexibility in your offseason by keeping up with a regular stretching program. If not, start a 10-15 minute stretching program  for 2-3 weeks before restarting your summer sport. This will ensure that you will be returning to your summer sport with optimal flexibility and may ultimately help improve your performance.

3) SHOE CHECK: Appropriate shoe ware is important to help limit the wear and tear on your lower extremities and back regardless of your chosen sport or activity. Check your shoes, if your foot does not fit firmly into the shoe with good arch support, it might be time to replace them. 

These are just 3 tips for a safe return to your summer activities. By starting now, you will be ready to go when the weather improves.

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